The Offer – Why Time Banking?

The Spencer Okoboji Time Bank is up:

Sequester, economic collapse — whatever name they give it, things can seem bleak. Time banking creates a secondary economy that’s largely unaffected by the money economy. Our gifts and talents. Our services and stuff. Our way. The big launch is July 21, but you can sign up now with your requests and your offerings.

That’s the offer. TFOJB gets people in the seats excited about making a difference, and Time Banking means help is a two way street and we build the world in which we live — together.

If you audition and get a part in TFOJB or become a key crew member, you will start out with as many time bank credits as the hours you put in. A play can be rather time consuming, and you will leave with enough credits to make a difference, and pay for the services offered in our bank of community talent wealth.

Will you have an adventure with me?

What is this?

I’m creating web shows, plays, short stories, all to bring the essential truths of key saints to life. Lessons of generosity, courage, love and grace while facing a mountain of greed, oppression and violence bring a call to action to the audience.

Put light into the world.

Where is this happening?

Everywhere! I hope my plays will be mounted in non-traditional settings as well as the world’s great theaters. I seek the unemployed, disenfranchised, anguished, and otherwise marginalized people of the community to audition.

When? Now. My own procrastination has made this take too long already.


Theater and on-camera work brings people together in truly unique ways. Through taking the risks of acting, directing, costuming, designing, people will awaken a light inside. Taking direction and working in a group helps work through issues with accepting criticism and building relationships.

This is just the beginning.

Will you have an adventure with me?

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