Tickets on sale for TFOJB the Remix by Ash Sanborn!


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TFOJB the Remix is an improvised, interactive play by Lakes area playwright Ash Sanborn. Cast members host a fabulous party and the ever-expanding table creates room for everyone ready to tell their story of destruction and redemption. A snarky chef-narrator-host ties it all together.

Immediately following the play is the launch of the Spencer-Okoboji Time Bank. Audience members can offer their talents, then use their time credits to purchase services and products from other locals. Time banking is a generative local economy. Everyone can participate.

We seek to fill the Sami Center to capacity — 1,000 locals ready to make a difference.

We had to improvise

The feast is still on and the table still grows but now there are more places at the table. Instead of bringing a 90 minute play, “The Feast of Jovi Bono” to the stage in the traditional way, let’s call this “TFOJB – The Remix.” Improvisational. Interactive. The Spencer-Okoboji Time Bank is about all of us, and TFOJB will be, too. Instead of assuming a character and memorizing a part in the usual way, we’re inviting people to bring their own stories, characters, personae to our table. Think “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” but with a snarky chef/narrator/host and a lot more rock! From here on out, we’re updating twice a day. Tickets on sale soon. Casting now. The questions are unchanged: “Does it seem right that some people really live while others are expected to merely exist?” and “What’s your hunger?”

We’re on Indiegogo!

We had a good run on RocketHub and are ready to start auditions and more. We’re seeking donors for some last minute funding on Indiegogo. This will allow us to work with people from all sectors of our community to make the play and the time bank a reality. 

Videos on our progress coming soon. What we offer to the world is fabulous nights of theater with a community effort toward a generative economy, social justice and more.

A Playwright’s Career Doesn’t Make Cents But Has Deeper Value

I often tell people playwriting is not a job; it’s a vocation. Even the major players in American theatre have teaching gigs or other jobs. But there is a higher purpose served by playwriting of which I am privileged to play a part.

Intimate Excellent

by Michael Elyanow

We hear it a lot about playwriting—that there’s no money in it. Whether or not that’s actually true, I had the opportunity to talk about this issue recently when I met with a young playwright, a senior at Northwestern University’s Creative Writing for the Media Program, who wanted to pick my brain about how I’ve managed to make it as a career playwright.

But first: let’s try and define make it.  I, like a lot of playwrights, struggle. I struggle to write, and to write well. I struggle to get productions, workshops, grants, commissions, and more. Like hundreds of other playwrights, I spend days putting together applications to get into conferences, festivals, and residencies. And, like hundreds of other playwrights, I receive many more rejection letters than congratulatory calls.

Second: let’s define career. If you mean a reliable paycheck—nope (see above). If you mean health benefits…

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