The Feast of Jovi Bono in NYC!

It’s true. I can’t quite grasp it. December 16-18 we can mount a production of The Feast of Jovi Bono in Times Square at Manhattan Rep. It will be part of the Stagecraft Play Festival.

So much to do in a short time! I never thought the world premiere would or should be outside Iowa.

But it’s New York. Near Christmas time. How can we not? I’ve offered the original cast of TFOJB (the remix production that had been slated for July 21) a part if they want to come to New York. I will be doing the rest remotely — recruiting cast through my theatre contacts on LinkedIn, holding auditions and rehearsals over Skype or Google Hangout, arranging costumes and everything else remotely WHILE still doing my real job.

Needs: actors, crew, publicity, money — really everything. But anything worth going for requires hard things, right?

I sent them TFOJB in the past, and it’s not that they didn’t like it; it’s the set requirements. Their stock of furniture has changed for the better in the last couple of months and now TFOJB will work.

Does that not seem like God?

Perhaps you think it’s the universe or serendipity.

It’s some higher force that sent this theater company some expanding tables, made two of their previously slated productions drop out suddenly, and the artistic director to say, “Oh, yes. I liked your play. It was the table issue, really.”

We’re going to New York! Lots more to follow!

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