Two weeks! Support the public reading in Jamaica Plain, Boston w/Open Theatre Project

The Feast of Jovi Bono is going up before a live theater audience on July 23 at 8pm. That’s really very soon. It’s a public reading — actors with script in hand — and a talkback — you tell us what you think. Then we get ready for a November full production. Making this happen requires at the core, Laurie Riihimaki the artistic director, Marina Silva the activism leader, a stage manager, a production manager (someone to handle the logistics so Laurie and Marina can focus on tasks at which they rock) eleven actors, and Open Theatre Project’s great performance space at St. John’s Episcopal in JP.

Watch this, and if you’re in Boston, please attend. We have great guests coming from the Dramatist’s Guild — Massachusetts and from ArtsImpulse. We want to hear a variety of voices and viewpoints at the talkback. Hop on the Orange line to Green Street and take it in.

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