Who will play Dorothy Day’s culmination?

The search is on for an actress to play Dorothy Day in “Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez Answer Your Letters from Jail,” a new play.
Screen shot 2017-03-27 at 6.38.43 PM

She must be at this stage of life, and ready to open up the depth of her experience, while speaking Dorothy Day’s words in answer to letters sent to the 21st century visages of Dorothy and Cesar Chavez in jail.
We time hop Dorothy’s last arrest to now, as jail gives the legendary friends the luxury of time to grapple with questions of today in bins of letters they receive.
A new protest singer serenades, and a jailer attempts to keep things by the book under pressure to crack down.
We will be seeking the right Latino man to play Cesar, too, but for now we are looking for a director (preferably female) and a septuagenarian to be Dorothy Day.

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