#MentalHealthPlay – Max is going to NYC!

It’s like going home, but your parents have moved.

Manhattan Rep was the gracious venue for The Feast of Jovi Bono on 42nd Street in NYC. They moved a few blocks to W. 45th Street to an upgraded space, and I can’t wait to see the new digs.

Ken and Jen, the movers and shakers at Manhattan Rep, accepted Maximalista for their Fall New Works Festival, and it’s going up September 29-30.

Auditions are Friday. THIS Friday. And director Cammerron Baits (the original Kevin from TFOJB) has had a lot of submissions for a part in this one-act. Nearly 300! I’m grateful to each and every one of those who wants to be part of this.

I’m stressed. I’m nervous. I think that’s normal as an indie playwright at this stage.

When I went to Hive Global Leaders program, I said in my life plan that I want to be known as the social justice playwright. That’s not necessarily achievable or fair — there are a lot of playwrights, many better known than I am, whose work makes a difference in the causes that are tearing up the world right now.

What we do here is intention. We will have 7-10 cast members, we have a casting director to help Cammerron find the right people (and we have some amazing actors who have submitted), and my hope is that each of them will feel cared for and supported as they reach the next level in their craft. From that base they will give phenomenal performances.

I will build the audience out of people I know or have connections to in NYC. If you’re one of them, please free yourself one of these nights to come see it. I promise it will be worth your time and stay with you.

And with every person who contributes, we have another level of hope, another possibility to make the show amazing.

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