#MentalHealthPlay has a cast!

Director Cammerron David Baits, who went through 389 submissions, called about ten percent of those, and cast 25 percent of those. So these actors are the top one-fourth of the top ten percent of all who submitted.

I’m so grateful that so many people saw something in this work and wanted to be part of it.

Punk rocker, host, composer, etc. Rew Starr is starring as Davi.

Cammerron said of the first rehearsal: It is always nerve wracking starting your “first day of school.” Today I began rehearsals for “Maximalista”. I am so proud of my cast. I don’t have a ” Normal” style of directing, but they are on this journey with me. In two hours we did two read through a and have explored two scenes to the point of it being on it’s feet we have a long ways to go but are off to a great start! Cannot wait for tomorrow’s rehearsal. There was even a moment between Lisa Goldin Rabinowicz and Rew Starr tonight that gave me chills, and this only day one! I couldn’t be more proud! Alex TaylorClaire Friesen Travis Schweiger Julia Neveu so happy to have you on board! And could not do this without my stage manager Elizabeth F Amato!


#MentalHealthPlay cast&directors

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