Extended run!

Maximalista, the #MentalHealthPlay, is having an extended run at Manhattan Rep Theatre on West 45th Street in New York City!

The cast became #MaxFam, and the show was full of miracles. Well-known punk rocker Rew Starr became our Star as Davi. The actors have said it was meaningful to them to be part of it. We were in Broadway World, and there may well be a review in a very well-known publication.

Director Cammerron Baits went beyond anything I had dreamed as far as an original and provocative interpretation of my script.

Here’s what audience members had to say about our first run:

“A Wonderfully Balanced show about a woman struggling with mental illness and hyper sexuality. With the strong Direction by Cammerron Baits and impeccable sensibilities of the cast led by Rew Starr that will have you laughing in all the right places.” Ken Wolf -Artistic Director

“Great direction and top notch actors” Nick Cartusciello- Another Director whose brilliant work in “The Latch Key Kid” is also featured in the festival

“What a great performance from the cast of Maximalista! Heartfelt and funny from beginning to end. A must see!” Rosselyn Alemany

With an extension, and it’s such an honor, but it comes with additional, unexpected expense. Hence, we’re running a quick (very quick — we go up again Friday and Saturday the 6th and 7th) crowd-funding effort here: http://gofundme.com/mentalhealthplay/

If you can help, we appreciate all the co-producers we can get. If you can share in your social networks, do that. Much love. We’re so grateful for all the support so far, and we sent much love.

On with the show!

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