#MaxFam @ Drake postponed

The students who make up Drake Theatre People and I have decided to postpone the reading of Maximalista #MentalHealthPlay until Mental Health Awareness Week in October, 2018.

With great love for their efforts, and their stated desire to house this play, the New York cast and I continue developing it in the interest of shining a light on what one person can do for people who struggle with mental illness.

This postponement does not mean you couldn’t go sign up for Mental Health First Aid class where you are and become part of the greater solution to the mental health crisis.

With gratefulness…

1 Comment

  1. You are amazing with this valuable quest to bring this topic to light
    It’s so hush hush and so the majority of people affected in one way or another
    Whether you yourself is gifted with mental illness or an intimate relationship is, it’s a situation that truthfully no one is without
    Thanks for the great information and inspiration 💜

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