In my other life, as a journalist, I’m mired in that awful smell outside of our town, the floodwaters, and the upcoming things to which we’re looking forward. How I wish I could have been at a music festival called Rhythm on the River, but issues got in the way. Similar issues will likely deliver a disappointment next weekend, too, and next Saturday I really need something fun to do, to be around people. But, such is life.

Have you ever felt like you were done, just tired, wanted to go home (only to no home that exists now if it ever did), to make arrangements in case you’re not there to finish what you started, to disappear? That’s me now, and it’s not a good time to be in this place.

We need more assets and resources from somewhere. I’m even thinking of visiting some business people and entrepreneurs I know to figure out how to generate some.

There is good news: Times Square Chronicles did a profile of our work, our upcoming performances of Maximalista (#MentalHealthPlay). Read about it here.

The cast and crew are so excited about their work on this show, and that’s what makes the stressors worth it. They’re exceeding director Cammerron Baits’ expectations, and it’s going to be a glorious performance run. I believe that, even as I feel the unmet needs of the show.

We must ramp up the production side. I’m so happy we gave ourselves generous time in pre-production, but now we’re in the mix and have a big need to make it happen.

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