Songs of discovery

The first ever Mental Health Con yielded some outstanding dreams and ideas, which we will present in upcoming blogs. Mental Health Con was the local community project that sprang from Maximalista #MentalHealthPlay. Usually the community project comes after the show — audience, cast and crew dive in to an issue the show’s characters grapple with onstage. It hasn’t yet been the right time to present #MentalHealthPlay in Estherville or Iowa. There are delicate and problematic issues. That doesn’t mean it will never happen. It seemed like the right time to share the song from #MentalHealthPlay that went up over Labor … Continue reading Songs of discovery

Mental Health Con features intro to ketamine infusion

Fierce Good Causes founded and launched Mental Health Con Sept. 27-29 in Estherville, Iowa. Fierce Good Causes was thrilled to have as a major sponsor Midwest Ketafusion in Iowa City, Iowa. A practitioner from the ketamine infusion clinic joined the conference by speakerphone Saturday afternoon.  In any given year, some 16 million Americans experience major depression. Because it tends to manifest in the prime of life of an individual, the effects can be devastating, resulting in destroyed careers and relationships and finances. Not surprisingly, depression is the leading cause of disability, worldwide. In addition – directly and indirectly –  depression … Continue reading Mental Health Con features intro to ketamine infusion