The fire 2020

This site has existed for six and a half years.  In May, 2013 I had a vision, but I hadn’t had a work on stage since college.  Before 2014, The Feast of Jovi Bono (TFOJB) had a premiere on 42nd Street, NYC.  I’m not showing up on New Year’s Day to catalogue Fierce Good Causes’ accomplishments, thought the last three years have been extraordinary. Each win came with pain and disappointment. We don’t have money, though we’ve had some great donors and supporters. We don’t have fame.  We have a lot of stories not yet told, because here at Fierce … Continue reading The fire 2020

The earthly energy of story

I couldn’t finish a play. They say writer’s block is only real insofar as you don’t push through to overcome it. You overcome it by writing — anything. I promised to write a gay marriage play in the summer of 2017 and here we are at the end of 2019 and it’s not finished. But now I have a path to finishing it, because I wrote a short story called Pulse. If you can’t write — write anything! A story, a poem, a commercial, a song, a list. Consider it a workout for the mental muscle that draws up the … Continue reading The earthly energy of story

Songs of discovery

The first ever Mental Health Con yielded some outstanding dreams and ideas, which we will present in upcoming blogs. Mental Health Con was the local community project that sprang from Maximalista #MentalHealthPlay. Usually the community project comes after the show — audience, cast and crew dive in to an issue the show’s characters grapple with onstage. It hasn’t yet been the right time to present #MentalHealthPlay in Estherville or Iowa. There are delicate and problematic issues. That doesn’t mean it will never happen. It seemed like the right time to share the song from #MentalHealthPlay that went up over Labor … Continue reading Songs of discovery

Mental Health Con features intro to ketamine infusion

Fierce Good Causes founded and launched Mental Health Con Sept. 27-29 in Estherville, Iowa. Fierce Good Causes was thrilled to have as a major sponsor Midwest Ketafusion in Iowa City, Iowa. A practitioner from the ketamine infusion clinic joined the conference by speakerphone Saturday afternoon.  In any given year, some 16 million Americans experience major depression. Because it tends to manifest in the prime of life of an individual, the effects can be devastating, resulting in destroyed careers and relationships and finances. Not surprisingly, depression is the leading cause of disability, worldwide. In addition – directly and indirectly –  depression … Continue reading Mental Health Con features intro to ketamine infusion


In my other life, as a journalist, I’m mired in that awful smell outside of our town, the floodwaters, and the upcoming things to which we’re looking forward. How I wish I could have been at a music festival called Rhythm on the River, but issues got in the way. Similar issues will likely deliver a disappointment next weekend, too, and next Saturday I really need something fun to do, to be around people. But, such is life. Have you ever felt like you were done, just tired, wanted to go home (only to no home that exists now if … Continue reading Home

City of Love

I was in New York City at the finish of May and start of June for a journalism fellowship at Columbia University Journalism School. I’ve been home a week, and I still can’t begin to describe how amazing it was. After the fellowship closed Saturday afternoon, June 2, I put my artist hat back on. I met up with director and original cast members of Maximalista (#MentalHealthPlay) and I happened upon Bryant Park, where they were setting up for a musical performance. Scattered across the grass were music lovers also loving one another. I captured those images in the still-bright … Continue reading City of Love

NY Summerfest – 1,000 supporters/$10

One thousand. That’s the number of supporters we seek to make Maximalista at NY Summerfest happen. Watch the video: Why do we need upwards of $10,000?Because we want to pay the human beings who make this possible a living wage for their 60 or more hours of rehearsal and the immense prep time it will take to make this the amazing experience we know it can be. Because this may be The Big One and lead to a full-length, full run in New York City. Because we want to partner with the best people on the ground innovating new ways … Continue reading NY Summerfest – 1,000 supporters/$10