Gemma Galgani Photo Credit: David Welch
Gemma Galgani Photo Credit: David Welch

The story that started this series, “Namesake” won Honorable Mention from thousands of entries in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition. The real Gemma Galgani was a well known mystic of the late 19th Century who grew up the daughter of a rich pharmacist, who tragically lost most of her family.

My story of the 21st Century Gemma centers on the tragic loss of most of her family, and how she seeks to escape her pain and her secret, burdensome blessing by moving house with her husband and sons whenever the stress wells up. Gemma is a pharmacy tech and finds she can no longer keep her secret.

“Namesake” remains as is — a short story, intended originally to anchor a collection of short stories after I had amassed 20 or so of them that would hopefully be published and/or win respected awards. I’ve come alive so much with visual media, that for now the short story collection is on a back burner while we bring the stories to life on stage or screen. I can see “Namesake” as a short film, but the stories of SienaTFOJB, Brigid Kildare’s Steelworks, Clarity, and The First Thing He Noticed Was Her Legs are emerging as more vital.

Gemma will never be forgotten. Her story started something bigger than her victim soul could have conceived.

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