#MentalHealthPlay goes to NY Summerfest!

We’re in! The amazing news: #MentalHealthPlay is part of NYSummerfest to be performed Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1 at 1 p.m. and Sept. 2 at 6 p.m. in the beautiful¬†Hudson Guild Theater, at 441 W. 26 St.(between 9th and 10th Avenues). I keep picturing it in a show tent with bleachers or something, and then I pinch myself to remember it’s in a fantastic theater and this is really happening. The challenge: Festival rules say we have to show it with a whole new cast after its run at Manhattan Rep Theatre in September-October, 2017. Rehearsing a new cast for … Continue reading #MentalHealthPlay goes to NY Summerfest!

Going to Barbados for “On the Block”

April 26, I will be in Barbados as part of a week-long visit. I aspire to photograph the unique natural world of the island, to get to talk to locals. However, the pinnacle of the trip happens on the last full day: seeing students from Barbados Community College participate in the first public production of “On the Block” by Glenville Lovell.¬† Lovell is perhaps the most noted writer/creator from Barbados. A playwright, dancer and novelist, Lovell grew up in a chattel house. These structures were built “on the block” and the entirety of the house, including the blocks, could be … Continue reading Going to Barbados for “On the Block”

#MaxFam @ Drake postponed

The students who make up Drake Theatre People and I have decided to postpone the reading of Maximalista #MentalHealthPlay until Mental Health Awareness Week in October, 2018. With great love for their efforts, and their stated desire to house this play, the New York cast and I continue developing it in the interest of shining a light on what one person can do for people who struggle with mental illness. This postponement does not mean you couldn’t go sign up for Mental Health First Aid class where you are and become part of the greater solution to the mental health … Continue reading #MaxFam @ Drake postponed

Extended run!

Maximalista, the #MentalHealthPlay, is having an extended run at Manhattan Rep Theatre on West 45th Street in New York City! The cast became #MaxFam, and the show was full of miracles. Well-known punk rocker Rew Starr became our Star as Davi. The actors have said it was meaningful to them to be part of it. We were in Broadway World, and there may well be a review in a very well-known publication. Director Cammerron Baits went beyond anything I had dreamed as far as an original and provocative interpretation of my script. Here’s what audience members had to say about … Continue reading Extended run!

#MentalHealthPlay has a cast!

Director Cammerron David Baits, who went through 389 submissions, called about ten percent of those, and cast 25 percent of those. So these actors are the top one-fourth of the top ten percent of all who submitted. I’m so grateful that so many people saw something in this work and wanted to be part of it. Punk rocker, host, composer, etc. Rew Starr is starring as Davi. Cammerron said of the first rehearsal: It is always nerve wracking starting your “first day of school.” Today I began rehearsals for “Maximalista”. I am so proud of my cast. I don’t have … Continue reading #MentalHealthPlay has a cast!

#MentalHealthPlay – Max is going to NYC!

It’s like going home, but your parents have moved. Manhattan Rep was the gracious venue for The Feast of Jovi Bono on 42nd Street in NYC. They moved a few blocks to W. 45th Street to an upgraded space, and I can’t wait to see the new digs. Ken and Jen, the movers and shakers at Manhattan Rep, accepted Maximalista for their Fall New Works Festival, and it’s going up September 29-30. Auditions are Friday. THIS Friday. And director Cammerron Baits (the original Kevin from TFOJB) has had a lot of submissions for a part in this one-act. Nearly 300! … Continue reading #MentalHealthPlay – Max is going to NYC!