The Gay Play

Here’s what happened: I was accepted as one of 120 leaders out of 4,000 reported applicants to attend the Hive Global Leaders Program last week. I can’t believe it was a week ago this Friday night that we ate dinner under the stars and in front of the bay outside the Science Museum of Massachusetts. I traveled to Boston from Iowa, the first Hiver from Iowa, but by no means the last. While there, I attended a breakout session with fellow participant, Salvadoran Herman Duarte. Just 29 years old, Herman has a law firm dedicated to the social cause of … Continue reading The Gay Play

Who will play Dorothy Day’s culmination?

The search is on for an actress to play Dorothy Day in “Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez Answer Your Letters from Jail,” a new play. She must be at this stage of life, and ready to open up the depth of her experience, while speaking Dorothy Day’s words in answer to letters sent to the 21st century visages of Dorothy and Cesar Chavez in jail. We time hop Dorothy’s last arrest to now, as jail gives the legendary friends the luxury of time to grapple with questions of today in bins of letters they receive. A new protest singer serenades, … Continue reading Who will play Dorothy Day’s culmination?

How we’re doing TFOJB for 2016.

Bring TFOJB to your town! Help to make it the next Fantasticks with an audience, cast and crew revolution! First, you go out and make a difference for others and in yourself, then be part of it. Have you been observing the progress of TFOJB Boston TFOJB Pittsburgh TFOJB New York TFOJB Seattle from afar? You no longer have permission to be an innocent bystander. Do something to alleviate homelessness, post about it ‪#‎tfojbstrong‬ and be part of it. We could be the next perennial show like The Fantasticks — somewhere, and also start a revolution! #tfojbstrong To people already in the trenches working on … Continue reading How we’re doing TFOJB for 2016.

Two weeks! Support the public reading in Jamaica Plain, Boston w/Open Theatre Project

The Feast of Jovi Bono is going up before a live theater audience on July 23 at 8pm. That’s really very soon. It’s a public reading — actors with script in hand — and a talkback — you tell us what you think. Then we get ready for a November full production. Making this happen requires at the core, Laurie Riihimaki the artistic director, Marina Silva the activism leader, a stage manager, a production manager (someone to handle the logistics so Laurie and Marina can focus on tasks at which they rock) eleven actors, and Open Theatre Project’s great performance … Continue reading Two weeks! Support the public reading in Jamaica Plain, Boston w/Open Theatre Project