Finally in Iowa (part 1)

We did it! The chef, Jovi, Adrian, Malcolm, Kevin, Olivia, Zara, Kat, Tawny & Deb were all on stage. Audience feedback was terrific. For the first time in Iowa, we did it. Our presenters, Excel! Estherville Arts & Culture connected us with Luke Slaughter, a diligent tech director.

The production was fraught with issues, beginning with our director getting transferred to Wyoming and various cast members having life-searing family and personal issues.

The point of art, as with many ventures, is to never, ever, ever, ever give up. And we didn’t. A director from New York, originally from Iowa, made a wonderful suggestion that perhaps the work could be presented as a workshop, with a focus on audience talkback. We present the story and a great audience experience¬†(thanks to Ed Peterson, the Estherville Lincoln Central School District, and a bevy of high school students earning purple cord hours for the amazing set) and from there build a production just for Iowa.

It’s much harder to get a presentation in Iowa than in New York and Boston, until you begin asking for help. Then in some ways it is easier, but still monumental. I cannot get over my gratefulness at the energy shown by the actors and our backstage crew.

The issues and crunch of time made some things imperfect, but were we not put on the earth as artists to have perfection emanate from our fingertips. We were put on earth to scale each wall, to march into each fray with fearlessness, or with a modicum of fear, but the knowledge that it would all be what it was meant to be.

I spent years on the script, and do rewrites and edits each year to make it magnificent. Audiences and cast members fall in love, and that’s also the intent.

Work harder than everyone else. Be fearless. Climb the mountain. Move the obstacles.

Yes, develop your technical prowess, too.

That. That is theater. That is art. Keep going.

We had to improvise

The feast is still on and the table still grows but now there are more places at the table. Instead of bringing a 90 minute play, “The Feast of Jovi Bono” to the stage in the traditional way, let’s call this “TFOJB – The Remix.” Improvisational. Interactive. The Spencer-Okoboji Time Bank is about all of us, and TFOJB will be, too. Instead of assuming a character and memorizing a part in the usual way, we’re inviting people to bring their own stories, characters, personae to our table. Think “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” but with a snarky chef/narrator/host and a lot more rock! From here on out, we’re updating twice a day. Tickets on sale soon. Casting now. The questions are unchanged: “Does it seem right that some people really live while others are expected to merely exist?” and “What’s your hunger?”

We’re on Indiegogo!

We had a good run on RocketHub and are ready to start auditions and more. We’re seeking donors for some last minute funding on Indiegogo. This will allow us to work with people from all sectors of our community to make the play and the time bank a reality.¬†

Videos on our progress coming soon. What we offer to the world is fabulous nights of theater with a community effort toward a generative economy, social justice and more.

The Offer – Why Time Banking?

The Spencer Okoboji Time Bank is up:

Sequester, economic collapse — whatever name they give it, things can seem bleak. Time banking creates a secondary economy that’s largely unaffected by the money economy. Our gifts and talents. Our services and stuff. Our way. The big launch is July 21, but you can sign up now with your requests and your offerings.

That’s the offer. TFOJB gets people in the seats excited about making a difference, and Time Banking means help is a two way street and we build the world in which we live — together.

If you audition and get a part in TFOJB or become a key crew member, you will start out with as many time bank credits as the hours you put in. A play can be rather time consuming, and you will leave with enough credits to make a difference, and pay for the services offered in our bank of community talent wealth.

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